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In the Philippines, income distribution is severely disparate. The wealthiest 20% of the population earn more than half of national income, whilst the poorest 20% earn less than one twentieth. Due to underinvestment in public schools within disadvantaged communities, student-teacher ratios are high and growing as retention rates are low and falling. Many are lured into urban metropoles in search of work, only to find themselves seeking the same elusive opportunities as their equally unskilled and impoverished counterparts.

The Malipai Livelihoods Project has been designed to dovetail with the growing trend, even in slum areas, for further education at college and university levels by providing tertiary scholarships for gifted young adults. To combat the large-scale employment base, diversified vocational training programs have been put in to place that include providing lessons in basic business principles and an option to take part in a micro-finance program. Foundational support goes a long way in broadening the skill sets of locals beyond low-wage labour so they may reach their fullest potential and live healthy, happy lives.

Enriching lives in the Philippines

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